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   Powered paragliding (PPG) is the smallest, simplest, powered aircraft in the world; and the easiest to learn how to fly. Flying a paraglider wing ensures safety and built-in stability. While the engine provides freedom & maneuverability. Control is very simply; pull the right hand brake to turn right, the left hand brake to turn left, or pull both simultaneously just prior to touchdown to glide in for a gentle landing.

   Legislation: No license is required, In the USA, but there are airspace regulations in the FAA (part 103) that apply to our type of flying. Additionally, Tandem flight requires a special exception/license.

   It is vital that you have the right Paramotor/Wing combination, tailored to suit your body weight. Safety is paramount !! Training is imperative !! When purchasing a PPG system, always ensure you will receive professional training with a qualified instructor. Remember; it is, your life !!!


How do you steer the paraglider?
Control is very easy. Simply pull the right handle to turn right, the left handle to turn left or pull both just prior to landing for a gentle landing. Squeeze the throttle for lift, or release it to glide down.

How does the paraglider inflate?
There are two methods to inflate the wing: Forward launch - with the wing behind you during low/nil wind conditions, you must run while pulling the wing forward using speed to inflate the wing. Reverse launch- during slightly higher wind conditions, the pilot faces the wing, using the wind to inflate and lift the wing

How high can the paraglider fly?
The world record for a powered paraglider is 18,000 feet. Average flying altitude is between 150 to 300 feet.

How low can the paraglider fly?
The unique aspect of a powered paraglider is that the wing is situated above the pilot. This allows you to conduct flight just inches above the ground. (This cannot be done safely with any other aircraft in the world.)

By what other names are the powered paraglider known by?
PPG's, Paramotoring (common in Europe), Paraglider, Wing, Glider, Chute

How do I get started, if I'd like to fly a powered paraglider?
Call us for an appointment to begin your training today; before you purchase any equipment. We are BFI Certified (Basic Flight Instructor), by the ASC in the USA. Your training investment could save you your life; or at the very least, your equipment.

What could equipment cost, both new and used?
New equipment can average around $7,500. Used equipment usually runs about 60% of the new price

How long can the flight last on one tank of gas?
About two to three hours.

Do I need a license to fly paramotors?
No, there is no license requirement for this sport in the United States

How long does it take to learn how to fly?
Most students can solo in a few days. The majority of training is done on the ground, learning how to control the wing. Actual flying is so simple, just about anyone can control a powered paraglider once in the air.

Can you restart the paramotor during flight?
Yes, new engines come with very high-output ignition systems. With just a small tug on the pull starter, restarting is simple. Or even easier, are the new electric starter set-ups. This way you can turn the engine off and soar like an eagle. Then at your discretion; restart the engine and resume flight.

How safe are these paraglider wings?
Modern paragliders are built and tested with loads up to 15X greater than those exerted during flight. The type of paraglider used with an engine is a DHV 1, considered a standard rated glider that will continue to fly without pilot input.

Does equipment type differ for different size pilots?
Yes, the weight rating of a wing and engine thrust combination is very important. They must be properly matched to the size and weight of the pilot. Take this into consideration before buying used equipment. Talk to your instructor before purchasing equipment

Where can I fly the powered paraglider?
Anywhere that is not heavily populated with houses or people. They are also prohibited within 5 miles of an airport.

Is the powered paraglider safe?
As with all air sports, it has it's inherited risk. But, since the pilot hangs from an open parachute, you are as safe as you can be in the air.

What type of gas do you use?
The same gas you use in your car, just mixed with 2 stroke oil.

How fast does the paraglider fly?
Speed varies with the type of wing/engine combination used, but will usually average between 18-28 mph

How far do you have to run to become airborne?
In light wind conditions (0 to 4 mph), you may have to run 30 to 50 feet. With slightly stronger winds (5 to 10 mph) you may only have to run less than 5 feet.

How far can I fly?
Distance varies with wind conditions, but usually up to 40 miles is possible

What happens if the engine stalls?
The engine is only necessary to ascend. You may at any time, shut the motor off and glide to a safe landing. Remember you are flying with an open parachute that glides up to 8 feet forward for each foot it descends (8:1 glide ratio).

What much do the engines weight and must I carry that weight?
Engines can vary anywhere from 45 lbs to 70 lbs. But that weight is only carried by the pilot til the wing is inflated, then the weight is suspended by the wing.

Is it possible to take a friend up with me?
No, have your friend learn to fly his/her own powered paraglider

Are there times and conditions when I cannot fly?
Yes, the fact that you are flying with very light equipment means you are limited to light wind conditions. Up to 10 mph winds, and preferably morning or late afternoon flying. The mid-day sky's are generally too rough to enjoy this type of flight safely. The exception to this, is flying over a beach or other body of water. Here you are able to fly all day long. Since the air over the water does not fluctuate as much as it does over land.

How maneuverable are they?
PPG's can fly sideways, backwards, turn on it's own axis, and fly very close to the ground, endlessly. Under certain wind conditions, your take-off & landing distances can be as short as 1 foot. Very remarkable for such a compact means of flying.

How do you transport the powered paraglider?
Most PPG's break down into very small packages and can fit in the trunk of an average car. Assembly & disassembly usually takes about 5 minutes.

After arriving at my destination, how long will it take to set-up and launch?
Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes

How can I become a Dealer?

Contact us via email and let us know your country, experience and years in the aviation field. We will send you the application and the dealer information kit.

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